About MXI

Medical X-ray, Inc. (MXI) is a group of private practice radiologists in Cincinnati, Ohio that has an exclusive contract to provide diagnostic and interventional radiology services to TriHealth’s Good Samaritan Hospital.

MXI is an extremely stable group that has been the sole provider of radiology services to Good Samaritan Hospital since the inception of the radiology department in 1931. Paralleling a gradual rise in procedure volume, MXI has steadily increased in size over the years from 1 radiologist in 1931, to 3 in 1965, 5 in 1975, 7 in 1981, 11 in 1995, 12 in 2005, 13 in 2010, and 16 in 2015.

In addition to Good Samaritan Hospital, which provides the majority of the business, MXI also provides on site and teleradiology services to several TriHealth affiliated and non-TriHealth affiliated imaging centers.